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    Keith's Backing Tracks

The disgusting stink of a too-loud electric guitar.... now, that's my idea of a good time.
-- Frank Zappa


Says Keith: I've been creating backing tracks for myself for quite a few years now using anolog recording. Since joining Jam Session, I've learned to record digital. With the tracks you see now, some have gone on to P2P sites and have been downloaded from others.

The main reason for this section is to have others enjoy, learn and improvise from them. Since joining Jam Session, I dedicated all my backing tracks (with more to come) for the exclusive rights to the members, but, I leave the section open for all to download and use.

  1. Slow in G
  2. Progressive Jam
  3. Sad Melody
  4. Clean Backing
  5. Rock in Em
  6. Metal jam (no bass line)
  7. Electric eye - Original song from Judas Priest without any guitars. Rob Halford is your vocalist, Ian Hill is your Bassist, and Dave Holland is your drummer.
  8. Rock Ballad
  9. Blues in C
  10. Blues in D
  11. Pink Floyd Style
  12. tap and swell
  13. ZZ Top Style
  14. Peter Gren Style
  15. Jazz Style full and re-mixed
  16. Fall to pieces backing track
  17. guitar singing
  18. Mic placement
  19. Rock in A 135 tempo
  20. Clapton style
  21. BB King Style
  22. Hendrix MISSING
  23. Albert King Style MISSING
  24. SRV style Back track

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