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The disgusting stink of a too-loud electric guitar.... now, that's my idea of a good time.
-- Frank Zappa




Brink Of The White Rock
Esther's Song
Murloch Shore
Elan Valley
Mandonoughting in A


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Took up the guitar 20 years ago, and much to my horror, had discovered that I had learned left-handed and therefore had problems in a world full of right handedness.

After a few GAS induced bad purchases of cheapo lefty guitars, I decided to build them myself and so far am currently on my third and loving it!!! I document my builds on
this Blog

I was involved in playing in a church worship band for 8 years, and now have done couple of gigs with the new band recently formed last year- we're not desiring stardom and fame, just the fun of sharing music comprising of our own material. There's three of us, myself as a multi-instrumentalist majoring in folk, a guitarist/semi-pro rock singer and another semi-pro jazz singer. Strange mix, I know... It just works, believe me.

I have attended a few Open Mics and they have been fun- the picture below shows a meet at a pub in the Malvern Hills last year...

My newfound interest in Luthiery has took me in many different directions. In the last two years I have met some great Luthiers in person such as
Phil Davidson, David White, Patrick James Eggle, Simon at Brook Guitars, Jimmy Moon, and Jam Session's own Martin Edwards, all great guys and really inspirational.

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